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Friday 8th June 2018

recruiting new personnel to our headquarters in rauma

We are looking for a new Sales Manager and new Design Engineers to join our crew. 

As a Sales Manager you report to our Director of Sales and participate actively in designing and creating the sales process. You are responsible of the sales for selected customers and your tasks include making offers, creating sales plans and negotiating with customers. Taking care of- and evolving customer relationships is also a vital part of your job. 

We are looking for someone who understands the maritime industry and its value chain, and knows how to communicate the value to the customers. We are hoping for you to have an education and/or knowledge in technical sales, as well as international sales experience and knowledge of different cultures. 

Having contacts in design offices or shipyards is a bonus. You are result oriented, have great organizing and performing skills and enjoy traveling. Good spoken and written skills of English are a necessity, whereras other language skills are an advantage. 

For more information regarding the Sales Manager's position, contact Mika Koli +358 44 750 1130 on Friday 15th of June 14:00-16:00 Finnish time. 

For the job of a Design Engineer we are looking for someone who is either a Mechanical Engineer or has a Master's Degree in engineering and knows how to use 3D design programs. You have experience in mechanical engineering and machine designing and want to participate in designing challenging and diverse products. Basic knowledge in hydro- or machine dynamics is an advantage. As a part of a highly skilled designing team, you will get to participate in creating new products and developing unique solutions that vary project by project.

For more information regarding the Design Engineers' positions, contact Markku Mattila +358 40 545 9610 on Tuesday 12th of June 10:00-12:00 or Friday 15th of June 10:00-12:00 Finnish time

Send your applications with your CV and salary request attached by 17.6.2018 confidentially via email to 


Thursday 29th March 2018

Steerprop Ltd. warmly welcomes new Sales Director Mika Koli

One of the highlights of this spring for Steerprop Ltd. has been welcoming a new Sales Director to the house. Mika Koli brings with him a ton of experience, vision, excitement and ideas with a fresh breeze of new perspective. 

Having worked in the Maritime industry for the past 10 years, Mika sure has managed to build an impressive career in the industry. So far he has worked on energy and building effective systems, frequency converter operated electrical machines for ship applications, and hybrid solutions, as well as, shaft generators and electric propulsion. 

One of Mika's key visions is to succeed together with our customers. The better we know our customers, the better we will be able to answer their needs and help them accomplish their goals and dreams. When our customers are successful, we succeed with them. The idea is to thrive together rather than apart. 

One of Mika's greatest passions and missions is to care about the environment and the sea. The shipping industry has a huge impact on our environment both, above and below the surface. It is our privilege to have a chance to make such a big difference. We should all be in business environmentally and care for the Earth, our home. Keep it in mind when making choices that can have an impact in keeping our seas clean and the environment in shape. It should be one of the main focuses of our attention since we do have such a great chance to make a change here. One of Steerprop Ltd's key values is the environment, and for us Mika Koli will be a fine addition in revolutionizing the maritme business while caring for the Earth and the seas. 

"I believe in helping customers as individuals to cope and to perform in their jobs, all the while building competitiveness in their business. Mutual trust and loyalty helps both; us and our clients flourish in our businesses" - Mika Koli


Thursday 29th March 2018

Easter 2018

Our office is closed on 30.3. Friday and 2.4. Monday due to Easter festivities. Happy Easter to everyone! 

Friday 15th December 2017

Christmas 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year ♫♪♫ 

For Christmas 2017, Steerprop Ltd. continues the tradition of donating all funds earmarked for holiday greetings to a reputable charity by making a donation to Rauman Merihistoriallinen seura for their Merimakasiini project. 

In honor of Finland's 100th year of independence Steerprop Ltd. wanted to make the donation to a worthy local charity. Since the roots of Steerprop, as well as, the headquarters are located in Rauma, it was an act of heart to support a project taking place at home. The Merimakasiini project is building a new facility for The Maritime Museum of Rauma in order to have more significant maritime history on display, and to have conference rooms and space to offer for anyone interested in a respectful maritime spirited environment. 

Steerprop Ltd. wishes all of its partners – be they clients, representatives, agents or subcontractors -    Happy Holidays and a New Year 2018 full of joy!    -

Our office will be closed on 24-25 December 2017 and on January 1st 2018.

Monday 6th November 2017

changes in the Representation of Norway

Steerprop Ltd. is pleased to inform that from November 1st, 2017 onward its representative in Norway is Willsfred Maritime Services AS.


On the right Peter Kollerud, and on the left Steerprop Ltd's Managing Director Jussi Seppälä

Peter Kollerud from Willsfred Maritime Service AS brings with him 15 years of experience from the maritime industry. Peter´s experience includes offshore supply vessel brokering, Charterer for a large player in the LPG and VLCC segment, Sales Manager Wärtsilä Ship equipment and MAN Diesel and Turbo Marine Engines.

We know that his extensive knowledge in this area, will prove to be valuable in helping you with your azimuth propulsor needs. We consider ourselves to be fortunate to have him with us as we continue to deliver our high quality azimuth propulsors with outstanding lifetime economy to you.

You can find Peter's information under the contacts of Norway from our website, and for more information about Willsfred Maritime Service AS you can find from!

Welcome aboard Peter!


Thursday 26th October 2017

Montreal ahoy!

Arctic Shipping Forum North America, 30 October – 1 November 2017

The largest Arctic shipping conference in North America will bring together experts speaking on a broad range of hot topic issues including the impact of the entry into force of the Polar Code, new Arctic shipping design and technology, innovation and infrastructure developments in the north.

Monday October 30th Steerprop, together with The Switch, will deliver a presentation about their new propulsion unit at the Arctic Shipping North America. Come visit us at our stand October 30 - November 1, and hear the latest news about our ice-cool breakthrough.

Monday 30th October 2017

Our vision is green and clean

Finland is a nation of world-class cleantech expertise. Cleantech Group and WWF ranked Finland as the world´s 2nd most innovative cleantech country in the 2017 Global Innovation Index. In 2016 Finland was selected as the greenest country in the World. Relative to the population, Finland is the world’s leading researcher in the energy and environment field. More than 40 % of the Finnish public R&D funding goes into the energy and environment sector, and more than a third of public R&D investments are made in cleantech.

Cleantech Finland is a hub of Finnish cleantech expertise and sustainable innovations. Steerprop Ltd. was granted the Cleantech Finland membership in the summer of 2017. Steerprop Ltd´s Azimuth Propulsors are forerunners in the field of propulsion efficiency and reliability. Being the expert in this demanding field of high technology, it´s vital to design and produce the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, which will make its end user the forerunner of cleantech in the maritime industry.  Increased propulsion efficiency will decrease the vessel's fuel consumption, thus helping to reduce emissions. Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors are built with an advanced flush-fluid sealing system to ensure that the oil stays inside the propulsor and out of the sea. The improved efficiency of Steerprop propulsors ensures optimal performance and decreased fuel consumption.

Steerprop is proud to be a part of Cleantech Finland, this innovative cleantech association.

To learn more about Cleantech Finland, please visit their website

Thursday 24th August 2017

Changes in the representation of China

Steerprop is no longer working with Powermaster Marine in China. Instead you can contact Steerprop Asia or our main office directly. Further details can be found on our contacts under China. 

Wednesday 28th June 2017

Joining forces with the Switch for ground-breaking propulsion unit

A new Steerprop CRP ECO LM propulsor featuring permanent magnet (PM) technology from the Switch has been unveiled. The lightweight, compact unit offers ship owners an unrivalled combination of efficiency, power, easy installation and maintenance as well as reduced lifetime costs.  

The new Steerprop CRP ECO LM propulsor utilizes a vertical PM motor, allowing it to sit inside a vessel hull, which simplifies installation and maintenance. When the motor is placed on top of the thruster, the unit size can be more compact, increasing efficiency without compromising on hydrodynamics and lowering operational costs.

While innovative propulsion units have been developed by Steerprop since 2001, The Switch, a leader in advanced drive train solutions, is using its proven technology to enhance performance in marine applications. The PM machine, currently in serial production, has a solid track record of operating in the world’s largest wind turbines in rough offshore conditions.

The contra-rotating propeller (CRP) units by Steerprop are well known for their excellent hydrodynamic efficiency, in some cases delivering up to 25% less fuel consumption than a single propeller”, comments Mika Koli, Business Development Manager of The Switch. “By combining their unit with our PM motor, which gives optimal efficiency throughout the entire speed range, we can take the vessel energy, emissions and cost savings to the next level”.

“We believe the unit sets a new benchmark for efficiency, simplicity, and reliable, predictable marine performance,” Mika continues.

Due to the propulsor being especially suited to harsh environment operation and the demands of ice breaking, having received the highest ice classification. It is robust and, thanks to its lightly loaded CRPs, offers lower noise and vibrations, enhancing levels of comfort onboard.

“This is now our third generation of CRP propulsors,” states Hannu Jukola, Senior Sales Manager, Steerprop, “and an important step forward, both for our business and marine propulsion performance in general.”

“By integrating The Switch’s PM motor into our solution, we create a compact unit with enhanced efficiency throughout the speed range. This delivers tangible benefits for all maritime stakeholders,” he says.

“Now vessel designers and builders have a solution that is simple to install, while owners and operators can ensure optimal performance and reduced costs through greater efficiency and simple maintenance. In addition, they can be better global citizens by cutting back on emissions. This is a best in class solution that fully capitalizes on the potential of two energy-efficient innovations, in one simple, effective and powerful propulsion unit,” Hannu concludes. 

More information about Steerprop on

More information about The Switch on


Wednesday 21st June 2017

Happy 10th birthday MatchINDUSTRY

Steerprop had the pleasure of receiving an acknowledgement from MatchINDUSTRY for having been their premium main partner since the beginning of their journey. MatchINDUSTRY was celebrating their 10th birthday in a city called Pori in Finland, and Steerprop participated as a guest of honor in the spectacular industrial event. The event was mainly dedicated for companies and organizations in the maritime industry and there were a couple hundred participants. Steerprop has found MatchINDUSTRY to be a one of a kind event for networking and finding new connections here in Finland. In Finland all industrial events are more fair like, and thus MatchINDUSTRY stands out and has been discovered to be something different. Our Purchasing Manager Satu Hietala has participated in the event several times over the years and states that the event is definitely worth everyone's while and that our company will for sure be participating in the future as well. 

Over 95% of the particiapants of the MatchINDUSTRY events have found new business partners and the holy grail of industrial events is definitely known as a yearly meeting point to gather with current- and new clients. Steerprop has discovered, not only new partners, but also companies in the electricity and automation departments introducing themselves and offering their services. Companies all the way from Norway participated in the hopes of possibly discovering new suppliers. "The MatchINDUSTRY event is also an exellent place to hear the latest news from the suppliers and the industry itself" says Jukka Mäkilä, the Supply Chain Manager of Steerprop. 

This year one of the big topics was the need of new professionals, such as designers, machinists and welders e.g. to the industry. Right now the, so to say, problem is not the lack of materials or suppliers, but the lack of professionals of the field, and multiple employees representing different companies were discussing the issue. Another topic that could be sportted was being supportive of the Finnish, or at least European suppliers and such in their production.

According to Satu Hietala, the atmosphere this year was even more full of togetherness, good spirits and trustful towards the future than in the recent years. Remaining positive and hopeful regarding the markets and believing in the future seemed to be the thought connecting everyone at the event. It was truly wonderful and refreshing participating once again and Steerprop Ltd. is truly honored of the tribute and the privilege of being a part of this 10th anniversary event. See you all at the next MatchINDUSTRY in 2018