Innovative design

Unsurpassed efficiency

  • Power range 800… 3600 kW
  • Z-drive configuration
  • Modern electrical or hydraulic azimuthing
  • Electric motor prime mover or direct diesel drive (with certain limitations)
  • Steerprop dual-end Push-Pull Contra-Rotating Propellers -technology

The Steerprop dual-end Push-Pull Contra-Rotating Propellers solution offers several benefits:

  • Unsurpassed efficiency due to the hydrodynamic qualities of the underwater body especially at higher speeds of 25+ knots
  • Increased fuel savings – and as a result – lower emissions
  • Practically non-existant vibration and cavitation
  • Low levels of noise
  • Ability to optimize for a wide array of operational profiles without compromising efficiency due to load distribution in the underwater body

A natural continuation of the pushing CRP azimuth propulsor, the Steerprop Dual-End CRP was conceived as a way to evolve CRP technology past the limitations imposed by the pushing CRP solution. In over a decade of operating almost wordwide, the design has been verified in action.

 The Steerprop Dual-End CRP has made the outstanding maneuverability of azimuth propulsor together with the excellent efficiency of CRP technology available for the global market.

For more information on the Steerprop Dual-End CRP, please see the CRP –article in the References section.

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