The Power Beneath the Surface

Steerprop Ltd. product portfolio

Every customer has different needs. Every application has different operating conditions. To ensure that every vessel gets the optimal propulsion solution, Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors are always tailor-made to the individual vessel and built to the rules of the selected classification society.

The flexible design of Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors is based on decades of in-house experience combined with the latest technology and the feedback of owners, naval architects and service engineers alike. By combining the latest technology and know-how with proven solutions, Steerprop Ltd. is able to provide reliable propulsors that offer excellent maneuverability and outstanding efficiency.

As the mechanical complexity contributes in part to wear on components and as such, increased service times, Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors utilize as few components in as simple construction as possible. To ensure the safety and reliability of Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors, they are designed to utilize proven classified materials with the principles of consequential strength. With this principle the propeller, as the most easily accessible and serviceable component is the first to be damaged in case of extreme external force.

The Steerprop Control System used to steer all of the propulsion solutions offered by Steerprop Ltd. is based on the latest automation technology that uses the latest, widely available components with Steerprop designed software.  To ensure the complete integration with the vessel’s other systems, the Steerprop Control System can be seamlessly connected to any known control or monitoring system. The inherent flexibility of the control system also allows for complete customization of steering locations – the Steerprop system allows for steering panels in as many configurations and locations as the vessel requires.